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The simplest way to place logos on any product. Online and free.

Upload your product

Upload a picture of the product that you want to map your logo onto.

Create logo placeholders

Define areas of the image that you would like to watermark with your brand logo.

Add your logo

Upload your logotype and place it onto the original product.

Project your logo anywhere

Our projection tool makes it easy to add logos to any picture

Instant branding for any product

Insert your brand logo into any product

Logo on clothing

Place your logo on curved surfaces (such as creased clothes). Perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, hats or anything wearable.

Logo on packaging

Transform your logo perspective in 3D space and put it on top of packaging.

Logo on merchandise

Warp any product and make it brand-able. From mugs to rockets.

Logo on anything

Add your brand to anything at all. Limited only by your imagination.

Advanced Effects. Made Simple.

Post-processing features to make your logo projection look professional and authentic.

Transparency Masking

Mask any pixel of your logo placeholder to make it fit into any shape, blend with lightning and environment.

Perspective Transforms

Perfect for mapping logos onto flat surfaces oriented in 3D space.

3D Mesh Warping

Project your logo onto complex non-linear surfaces such as cups, t-shirts, cars and more.

Make it look real

Explore the full range of features. ⚡ All to help your mappings look photo-realistic.

Custom placeholders

Create custom placeholders that can fit and approximate any surface on the image.

3D mesh warping

Orient your placeholders in 3D space and warp complex, non front-facing objects.

Transparency masking

Postprocess your designs and rub out any unnessary artefacts.

Image mapping

Project custom images onto the placeholders to embed custom content into the original picture.


Our editor runs natively in your web browser. No need to download any plugins or software

Easy to use

Mockover is a new and innovative editor. No prior experience is required. There are 4 buttons.

Pre-made templates

Browse our pre-made templates to get started in no time. (Coming soon).

Gold in, gold out

Download final renders in the same quality and format as your original image.

Frequently asked questions

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